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your friends at Mermaid Hair Combs, Atlanta, Georgia

Dark flower, $20 

Celtic Hearts, $15

​We have blond colored combs, but Sunny insisted on this one for the hearts!

It all started with this one hair comb...

purchased from neighbors & friends in Costa Rica,

it has endured almost three years of daily use.

ocean swims.

sunshine. saltwater. (repeat.)

it holds a lot of hair.

As you can see, the beads have basically lost their painting coat. My pet bird has broken off all but one of the white disc beads. But it is still going strong. This experience has turned me into a hair combs girl. It's all I need. I don't even need to use a rubberband before putting my hair up in this comb. It's strong and it holds all day.

​​Costa Rica


Finally, the mermaid hair combs are here!

Dark beaded, $20

Maroon floral wood, $20

Celtic cross with black center, $15

These combs are blonde-colored for those with lighter hair. The black and silver beads and pendant will provide a pretty contrast atop your hair. Pendant is removable. Use different pins to customize.

Celtic knot with black center, $15

This haircomb is smaller. The center piece is removable. Use different pins to customize. This style is dressier and pretty, but provides less support than any of our wooden bead combs. 

the Beach Original, $20

Before                   After