I am working on a series of essays with Noam and it has brought me a lot of hope and joy. I hope it will do the same for you! I can't wait to someday eat at his restaurant, HiR fine dining, set dramatically in the wild jungle outside of Tamarindo, Costa Rica.

Please click below for the first essay, "Why Not Now"

Meet Noam, lifelong entrepreneur, renaissance man, and life artist/coach....

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Excerpt: "Why Not Now"

We had everything and we were miserable. My husband and I had a home on the lake, a red speed boat, a fire pit in the backyard, a deck that looked over beautiful Iowa farmland and forest. We were in the top 5% and living the American Dream. We didn’t understand why exactly, but we were also alcoholics with failing health who had very little time with our children. We agreed that something was very wrong, and sold everything (including the home and the boat) to move to Costa Rica with the things we thought we would need in suitcases. (keep reading by clicking above, or simply go to the "blog" section :)


I am currently writing piece 2. My whole life I have struggled with the notion that I have control over my happiness. Over my day to day life. My actual existence on earth. By sharing Noam's stories, and my stories, I want to offer myself & my readers hope for a better life any time they are not fulfilled in the now. Not only hope ~ but also belief in their own ability to build a new path ~ belief in the value of this endeavor. *pura vida*

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