​​Costa Rica


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Costa Rica Dreamers

7 Portraits

Discover seven portraits of dreamers and entrepreneurs who left their home countries to find a new life in Costa Rica.

Everyone in this book followed a dream and started over, leaving behind comfort in the name of change. Now, they are living out their days on the spectacular Pacific Coast of Costa Rica. 

Author Elizabeth Faidley traveled to Tamarindo, Costa Rica with her husband and two young children for eleven months in 2015. She found a simpler life and surrounded herself with dreamers. Her first book inspires others to leave their comfort zone and reach for the life they really want. 

Discover the unique stories of the Faidley family and their friends. United by a common bond, they all ventured to Costa Rica searching for something better. 

This book is an illustration of what they lost and what they found.

Costa Rica Dreamers: 7 Portraits

by Elizabeth Faidley

Released August 1, 2016