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costa rica

We lost our beloved Pepper on October 9, 2018. She was 17. 

She was part of our Costa Rica adventure, and enjoyed many an hour sticking her head out the window of the moving car, lying on furniture, and also taking extended naps on the tiled patios. 

Our adventure would not have been the same without her. She was part of our family - always will be - so I'm grateful she was part of it all. 

When we flew with her to CR, we were required to get a veterinary exam with endorsed certificate of health within 30 days of departure & a rabies booster within 10 days of the departure date AND get them notarized by the USDA before departure. For that part, I had to mail it to USDA and hope I got it back in time. It all worked out fine! 

Here's the USDA form link for your copy/paste enjoyment...


and here is the link to the actual health form:


Upon arrival in CR, we had to show the proper paperwork, including the usda approved document, and the veterinary exam. Because of her size (about 50 lbs), Pepper did have to fly cargo in a TSA mandated size and type of pet carrier. She did absolutely fine with this arrangement. The fact that we had a direct flight and not multiple connections helped put my mind at ease. 

Some people use pet courier services, but given the cost, my opinion is that it is entirely unnecessary, if you have simple travel arrangements like we did.