​​Costa Rica


Photo by of Elizabeth Faidley


Two parents, 41 and 34. in need of a serious life re-boot, and their two children, 7 and 2 -- now 10 and 5 -- went out and experienced a life adventure TOGETHER.


No-work-allowed sabbatical. Live the dream to have time, totally free to live and dream together.


December 8, 2014 - October 28, 2015. (RIP.)


Guanacaste, Costa Rica. The hottest, driest province. We lived in Matapalo, Flamingo, and Huacas. We had never been there before. But somehow the more we read and learned, the more we wanted to go. The slower culture was the main selling point for us, and is the main reason we dream of going back. Then you have two oceans with snorkeling, scuba diving, surfing, and a variety of sports calling to you, vast forms of wildlife, jungles, mountains, beaches, happy smiling people, good fruit, and tropical paradise.


We were seriously burned out. We both had careers we had invested many years in and enjoyed the lifestyle these careers afforded us, but we started to realize the price we were paying (time away from children, time spent amassing/caring for stuff, TIME) was too high. It was just flying by at lightning speed and we WERE NOT OK with it! 

In short, we lived the American Dream to the max, and we weren't convinced it was the best way for us to experience our limited number of days on earth. We wanted more time with our two babies. To live day by day ON OUR TERMS. To wake up in the morning and breathe and dream and play together, experiencing life in all its glory. 

It's over, but it was a fabulous time and we'll have those friends & memories forever. 

What now? 

Now, we are living on much simpler terms. We have returned to the states, but our minds are forever altered by the things we learned in Costa Rica. We share our continued experiences and struggles as a family on a path to change -- constantly change -- until it all feels right. To never stop reaching for our ultimate dreams, even when that means figuring out what the heck they are.